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NUDANNY PANT - Cherry Tomato Sale price€79,99
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NURUBY PANTS - Cherry Tomato Sale price€89,99
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NUPIL PANTS - Cherry Tomato Sale price€34,49 Regular price€69,99(-51%)
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NUPIL PANTS - Lupine Sale price€34,00 Regular price€69,99(-52%)
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NUMADDY PANT - Palace Blue Sale price€69,99
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NUMANON PANT - Dark Sapphire Sale price€89,99
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NUEDITA PANT - Lupine Sale price€55,99 Regular price€79,99(-31%)
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NULOUISA PANT - Leprechaun Sale price€99,99
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NULOUISA PANT - Palace Blue Sale price€99,99
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NUDORA LEGGINGS - Caviar Sale price€49,99
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NUMABEL JUMPSUIT - Caviar Sale price€119,99
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NUNIKOLA JOGGER PANT BF - Strawberry Moon Sale price€24,49 Regular price€49,99(-52%)
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NUSTORMY JEANS - Dark Shadow Sale price€99,99
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SISEDINE JUMPSUIT - Caviar Sale price€169,99
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SISEDINE PANT - Caviar Sale price€99,99
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NUSTORMY JEANS - NOOS - Dark Shadow Sale price€49,99 Regular price€99,99(-51%)
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NUKIM LEATHER PANT - Caviar Sale price€269,99
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SISELIA PANT - Caviar Sale price€269,99
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NULOUISA PANT - Lilas Sale price€50,00 Regular price€99,99(-50%)
SISONIA PANT - Dark Sapphire Sale price€89,99
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NUBENDIE LEGGING - Ultramarine Sale price€25,00 Regular price€49,99(-50%)

A broad selection of women’s pants from NÜMPH  

Pants come in many styles – and NÜMPH’s collection is no exception. We design pants for women, that can be either loose or tight-fitting. Furthermore, they are – like the rest of our women’s wear collection – made in beautiful colors and patterns and from high-quality materials. In our collection below, we guarantee that you will be able to find your next pair of pants, no matter if it is for work, for parties, or everyday use. Explore our universe of amazing women’s pants and find a pair that suits your style and your fit.

See our loose and tight-fitting NÜMP pants for women 

Pants today are much more than just a practical item that you wear. Just like skirts and dresses, they can be a feminine, stylish, and sophisticated fashion statement that you will love wearing. The advantage of wearing pants is that you can combine them with a broad selection of T-shirts, tops, and blouses, where each item will give your outfit a new and different expression. No matter what, a pair of our loose or tight-fitting NÜMPH pants can easily become an integrated part of your wardrobe.
If you are looking for pants like dress pants, you will find them in our collection. Here you can find pants in colors such as yellow, blue, grey, black and many more, that you can style with a cool shirt or a T-shirt. Are you instead looking for a looser pant with a bit of width? Then you will not be disappointed by our designs either. The loose style will contribute with cooler and more casual look, where you can find styles in various pleasant colors and in a stretch material that makes the pants extremely comfortable to wear.  
The pants fashion for women has never been trendier and more versatile than it is now. Almost any woman owns a pair of nice pants – regardless of design, materials, and color choice. That is why we strive to design pants for women who are true to themselves, and who show their personality through their choice of clothing. Therefore, with NÜMPH’s pants and other items, you will find styles that you can add to any wardrobe and create outfits that suits your personal style. 


NÜMPH – clothes for woman who dare to be themselves 

Regardless of whether you love wearing pants or if you just want to find your next permanent pair, you will find a pant style that you will love to use in your everyday life. With NÜMPH’s different clothing collections, you can embrace your personality and attract attention when wearing one of our designs. NÜMPH designs clothes for women who are not afraid to just be themselves.
Do you have any questions or doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us through our customer service. Our staff at NÜMPH is always available to help you find the right pair of pants. If you have any doubts about the size of the pants, each product has a size guide that is very easy to follow. You can also write us via our email, where we strive to respond to your inquiry as quick as possible.