About us

The Danish brand Nümph has been around for almost 2 decades and have always been able to find their own voice and look in the large field of womenswear.

It’s the playful hand drawn prints, unique details, and mix of feminine retro with contemporary trends that makes Nümph stand out in the crowd.

“We have always strived to let the warmth and joy from the employees at our head office, shine through our clothes and branding. It’s very important for us to let people know that Nümph is a down-to-earth and joyful brand and hopefully pass on this optimistic view on life to the Nümph customer.”

These words ended up defining the brands new community and visual storytelling called “Generation Ü.”

Generation Ü is an everlasting collective of women, who refuse to be defined by age, shape, or size, but brought together by a curious taste for the world.

Nümph – we don’t care how you dress; we care how you feel